Well, we’ve done it. We’ve kicked off season 7 of Hook Shots, and episode one also happens to be the 50th. All winter, I grappled with what to do to celebrate the occasion. For the last six years, Hook Shots has largely been about fishing where you fish—not far-flung destinations. So we stayed true to our roots. My partner in crime, Captain Eric Kerber, was already posted up in Islamorada, Florida, where he mates on the Captain Cadillac during the winter. No brainer; F&S editor in chief Anthony Licata and I hit the escape pod button on what was a miserable winter here in the Northeast, and went where shorts were appropriate in February. The plan? Shovel zero snow, drink lots of beers, and catch whatever wanted to bite. Luckily, no matter how tough conditions get in the Keys during the winter, rods will bend. You just need to be accepting of the non-glam players, which has never been an issue on this show. We had a blast shooting, and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching Hook Shots all these years! I’m pumped to have a fresh season under way.