It’s no secret that for the last 7 years, “Hook Shots” has been all about fishing the local spots where the average weekend angler fishes, or where he can easily go. But every once in a while, a trip invite so rare comes a long that you’ve got to take it. For me, that was the chance to fish the Amazon in Brazil for peacock bass. And there was certainly no way I was going on such a mega adventure and not documenting it from start to finish. A huge thanks is due to my good friend Kevin Jarnagin at Pure Fishing for asking me to join this party, as well as all the people at Angler’s Inn International, who make a pretty far-flung trip loaded with logistical nightmares easy and comfy (if not luxurious). I fell in love with peacock bass when we shot them in Miami a few years ago. The Amazon, however, is like going to the Super Bowl if you’re enamored with these fish. I’m amped to kick off the eighth season of “Hook Shots” with this two-part adventure, and hope you guys enjoy the ride.