You may recall that part 1 of our Amazon peacock adventure left my good buddy Kevin Jarnagin and I at our final destination, Rio Negro Lodge. The journey was long, and we’d already nailed our first Brazilian peacocks along the way, plus a couple big peacocks that treated us to some epic topwater smashes. In part 2, we’re posted up in trophy peacock central. This region is where most of the world-record fish have fallen. Our goal was to walk away with a few true monsters under our belts, but what we learned is that like targeting any high-caliber fish, it’s not always a snap. We definitely made the scales tip, but we found out making them tip as far as we wanted takes stamina, persistence, and even a little drawn blood. Despite having to work for it, I can still say this trip was one of the most amazing I’ve ever been on, and if you’ve ever dreamed about going to the Amazon, do it before you’re fishing the big pond in the sky. It’s totally worth it. The awesome people at Anglers Inn International can make it happen. Enjoy round two!