If you’ve been following Hook Shots for a while, you know that I get around. But I think every angler can relate to the fact that at certain times of year, there is no place you’d rather fish than on your home waters. Come late April and early May, the only place I really want to wet a line is on the central Delaware River just 5 minutes up the street from my house. This time of year, the entire dynamic of the river changes. What’s normally smallmouth water teems with saltwater invaders. Spawning American shad—some of the biggest in the country—flood up en masse. Herring come next, and migratory striped bass are nipping at their tails. Anyone that fishes a river within a 100 miles of where it meets the ocean knows this magic window, and knows it doesn’t last long. To pay proper homage to my home digs, I united a bunch of friends and local river rats to help me explain what makes the Big D so addicting in the spring. We’ve got lots of silver (and a dash of bronze), and had a great time putting together this ode. Enjoy the show.