Hook Shots: Jersey Spring Striper Slamfest by FieldandStream

Without question, a big part of the fun of shooting “Hook Shots” is traveling. I love meeting new people and checking out new fisheries. But I also know when to skip the plane tickets and just stay home. Such is the case in April when Jersey’s first massive wave of striped bass enter Raritan Bay. If you’re looking for the part of the Jersey Shore chock full of boardwalks, amusement parts, funnel cakes, and “beachy” motels, this isn’t it. Raritan Bay is nestled in the shadows on Staten Island and New York City. It’s a bit more gritty of an area, but it’s got lots of character, and stripers running up the Hudson and Raritan Rivers to spawn have no choice but to stop in the bay and feed. If ever there was a bite that required dropping everything and just getting on it, it’s this one. When “Hook Shots” co-host and charter captain Eric Kerber called and said, “it’s on,” I didn’t hesistate. What we ended up shooting were two days of insane action with big bass. In fact, they were so fired up, I even managed to get down on fly. Moral of the story? Call in sick when things get fierce. Enjoy the show…we certainly had an incredible time making it.