Casting mouse flies for trout is a funny thing. It’s hard to find a flyfisherman that doesn’t love the idea of having a big brown smoke a mouse off the surface in the dark, but it’s even harder to find the guys that actually put mice into play regularly. I’ve dabbled around with mice with mild success on some smaller stocked streams near home, but every time I’d make the drive to the Upper Delaware River on the border of PA and NY, I couldn’t help but wonder if the wild fish in that system would respond to mice with the same vigor as those in the Rockies and Alaska. So I decided I’d find out once and for all by devoting three entire nights to chucking mice on the Upper D. Summer is the right to give it a shot, because theoretically, big trout hunker down all day in the low, clear water and get on the hunt at night. I roped my buddy Jimmy Fee into the plan, and long-time friend and veteran Delaware guide Joe Demalderis signed on instantly. In the end what we learned is that while conditions play a large role in mousing success, you should never be without a rodent or two in your box, because when the pieces finally click together, your heart will be in your throat with every retrieve. Enjoy the show.