Over the years, we’ve chased plenty of blue cats here on “Hook Shots.” But flatheads? That was new turf. What really piqued my interest in these night-hunting predators was that they lived Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River, which is pretty close to home. In Philly, these fish are technically invasive, but in Pittsburgh’s three rivers—the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio, they are native and grow big. I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on an urban catfish mission for a while, so earlier this month I hooked up with a crack-shot local flathead crew in both cities to learn the ropes. Consider it a friendly competition between Pennsylvania’s two biggest cities—this is Eagles vs. Steelers, cheesesteaks vs. the famed Primanti Brothers sandwich. Shooting this one was loads of fun, and not only did I walk away addicted to flatheads, but made some great new friends in the process.