Do you know what the difference is between a 40-inch muskie and a 40-inch northern pike? One of them took me two hours to catch, and the other took two years. It’s true that some anglers loathe the pike’s aggression and willingness to eat anything (like a new $15 bass lure), but I just can’t get enough of them. However, I recently came close. A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to fish in far northern Saskatchewan with fellow F&S blogger Ben Romans. It was pike paradise. We camped out at Cree River Lodge, and their guides have exclusive access to more than 200 square miles of pristine pike water. Up there where the northern lights shine bright, 40-plus inchers are common, and every staffer has tales of the 50-pluses they’ve landed over the years. Rare is the fishery that’s too good to be true, but if you’re into pike on the fly, this might be it. Between Ben and I, dozens of flies met their ends in the jaws pike that would be once-in-a-lifetime catches on many waters in the lower 48. If you’re a pike hater, this could be your nightmare. Or maybe it’s enough to give you a new appreciation for what are quickly becoming my favorite freshwater fish to chase on fly. Enjoy the show…we really had a blast making this one!