It’s been a while since I dropped a fresh “Hook Shots,” but this one is totally worth the wait, particularly because it involves sweet redemptive victory. Last May, my buddy and artist Mike Sudal and I flew to Dallas to tangle with our first gator gar…a bucket-list species for both of us. Unfortunately, you might recall that East Texas was practically underwater all spring, and despite our best efforts to work around the severe flooding, we came up short on fish. It was a no-guts-no-glory endeavor. Fast forward to this September. Our guide, young-gun Dawson Hefner, calls and says the rivers are finally down and the bite is on. So back to Dallas Mike and I went. I’ll leave you by saying that if you’re as intrigued with these dinosaurs as I was, you have to fish the Trinity River at least once in your life. Nothing is both as exciting and downright frightening as holding 6 feet of pure muscle that can swing on you with that mouth full of razors in a nanosecond. Enjoy the show.