Montauk at the far east end of New York’s Long Island is about as historic and iconic as it gets when it comes to saltwater fishing locations. You can truly smell fish in the air as soon as you pull into town, and I’d say that sweet aroma is never stronger here than it is in October. This time of year, each turn of the tide draws baitfish out of Long Island Sound by the ton, and it meets the waiting mouths of gamefish holding in the ripping currents at Montauk Point. It’s ground zero for carnage. If you live within driving distance of “The End” and care even a little bit about chucking lures into striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore blitzes that can span acres, making a fall Montauk run is sort of a rite of passage. Everyone remember’s their first time. You deal with the horrendous drive through New York City. You cope with suburban Long Island’s miserable traffic jams. You crawl through the ritzy Hamptons. But “Hook Shots” regular Eric Kerber and I were reminded how worth it the trek can be during this shoot. Thanks to my friend Captain Craig Cantelmo from Van Staal, we dropped the hammer on the fall run, and it was one of the best visits to this Mecca we’ve ever had. So glad the cameras were rolling. Enjoy the show.