You know, truth be told, I’ve never been much into tournament fishing. It’s just never really been my bag. But over the winter, my good buddy Joe Demalderis caught wind of a catch-photo-release fly-only tourney on Lake Champlain in Vermont call the Ditch Pickle Classic. I wasn’t sold at first, but when tournament director Chris Lynch—who happens to be a Hook Shots fan—reached out, I decided we’d accept the challenge. Joe and I roped FlyTalk blogger Tim Romano into the scheme, and Team Hook Shots was solidified. Now, the Pickle is primarily a bass tourney, and none of us are primarily bass fishermen. The plan at outset was to focus our efforts on Champlain’s plentiful pike, hoping to walk away with the lunker award for northerns. So did we choke or dominate? Watch and learn. When all is said and done, this was a really great time, and I’d highly recommend anyone who just wants to have a blast, drink somes brews, and party with a great group of anglers check out the Ditch Pickle. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t throw a huge thank-you shout to our boys at Umpqua for making sure we rolled into Vermont armed to the teeth with fresh bugs. Enjoy the show!