So I’m in the early stages of a putting a new lures story together here at F&S HQ. There are so many awesome baits kicking around the office at the moment that I’m just beside myself, but of all of them, the coolest (in my opinion), is Rebel’s new MICROPop-R ($4, It’s actually part of an entire new MicroCritter series Rebel launched at ICAST last summer. This teeny-tiny Pop-R measures just an inch and a quarter, and weighs in at just 1/16 of an ounce. On the tail end is a single barbless hook in a fixed position. In this new series, you’ll also find a 1 1/2-inch diving minnow, crawfish, and reconfiguration of Rebel’s famous Crickhopper. The divers of the group, despite their size, can get down to 3 feet. So let’s talk about how Rebel is promoting these lures, and what I see as their real potential.


Rebel introduced the MicroCritter series with youngsters in mind. They’re easy to cast on light tackle, require little skill to work for less experienced anglers, and the barbless hook comes out of human flesh smoothly. These are all fine points, but I think Rebel is underselling the actual fish-catching power of these little baits. A barbless hook is safer for sling-shotting into tight places, and may get snagged a bit less frequently. These lures will hardly make a sound when they land. I think they are a dream for anyone that targets trout and small bass in low, clear water. Not too mention, they are all light enough to cast on a fly rod. It’s a little dirty, but when the going gets rough, you double haul that little diving crawfish in a riffle and strip it back…it could turn your day around. Can’t wait to get these wet this spring.