It’s pretty much crunch time at this point, so if you still have a few bass anglers on your shopping list, you’ll have to get the order in within the next couple days to make the holiday deadline. And if you’re stuck on what to buy, I think I can help. Here are three gift ideas that I, as a bass guy, would very much appreciate receiving, so I know the people on your non-naughty list will feel the same.


Back-up Camera: Back-up cameras for a truck used to be out of the price range of most folks, but now they’ve become quite affordable. Poke around on and you’ll be pretty surprised at the variety for $200 or less, like this one. Everyone that has one of these appreciates the time it saves backing up to the boat hitch, or down the ramp.

Fly Tying Vise: Contrary to popular belief, even Bubba bass anglers get a little sophisticated with lure modification. Tying jigs, adding custom paint jobs, or even modifying the hardware of a lure is much easier if you’ve got a vise. You can find table-clamp models for $50 or less, but just make sure the jaw opens wide enough to hold something as big as a 1 oz jig or a hefty deep diving crankbait. Here’s a great example from Jann’s Netcraft that comes with multiple jaw sizes.

Leader Material: Most bass anglers lean on fluoro leaders heavily…and the stuff isn’t cheap. So stock up your favorite fisherman with a spool or three. I promise he or she will appreciate it. Here’s my personal favorite.