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The new film offers a look inside the Simms factory.. Simms

These days I feel like everyone is all hot on gear that’s made in America. That’s important to many anglers I know, and I can get behind that. What I’m really into, too, is when good stuff is made by people who actually use it, and understand the needs of the people buying their products. To that end, my boys at Simms put a lot of time and effort into this short video call “The Wader Makers.” Having visited their Bozeman site and taken the wader factory tour myself, I instantly got a new appreciation for the craft and attention to detail that goes into what they do, so I thought I’d show them a little love and share this here. Even if you don’t own a pair of Simms waders, you have to appreciate their team, which is clearly not made up of a bunch of clock-punchers. They’re the real deal.