Tim Flagler is a Jersey boy like me, and over the summer we ended up on an electro-shock study together on the South Branch of the Raritan River. I was there to shoot photos of trout, and Tim was there gathering all the various bait species that floated up. He had a small tank on a stand, and was capturing some amazing video of sculpins and darters. Tim is the man behind Tightline Productions, and he’s one heck of a fly tier. What he often does is first show you the crayfish or caddis emerger or whatever moving naturally underwater, and then goes on to tie a pattern based around the natural coloring and behavior of the trout food. But Tim also knows how to keep it real. While the guy can spin up the most beautiful flies you’ve ever seen, he’s not too proud to teach you the “Squirminator.” You and I both know that there are many days when this fly will outfish the most perfectly tied PMD or Prince.

Squirminator from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.