If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, let me make thing easy on you. My wish list is short. I’d either like a bottle of brown liquor or a new kitchen knife made of VMatter. This space-age material, developed by engineers at Caltech and NASA, is incredibly hard, therefore it keeps an edge much longer than conventional blades, and is smooth as glass (whereas metal is actually quite porous). Those two qualities alone make for the ideal material for a kitchen knife, but let’s add what John P. at has to say about it:

“VMatter makes knives out of an amorphous alloy which has some very desirable properties. It won’t rust. It’s very hard (almost as hard as steel) and it’s incredibly durable. Normally with knives, we buy steels that are very hard because the edge tends to wear down and we want to maintain it longer. But the amorphous alloy VMatter uses is supposed to far more than make up for raw hardness with extreme durability.

Out of all the knives I’ve made (yes, I’m a trained bladesmith) and all the materials I’ve used, I’ve not encountered anything with this level of durability. And the reason you’d care about that in a kitchen knife is that it will actually stay sharp for way, way, way, way longer than other blades.”