For some reason, people have trouble cooking a steak just right. That goes doubly so for wild-game steaks, which can overcook quickly. Here, Dave Beaulieu from the website No Recipe Required lists his five rules for cooking the perfect steak.

As you can see, they’re pretty straightforward. Understand the cut you’re cooking and how it reacts to heat. Use plenty of seasoning, especially salt (a true steakhouse secret). Sear it well and cook it to the correct temperature. Then, and this is the hardest part, let that steak rest before you cut into. Five minutes is good. Ten is even better if you can stand it.

Though Beaulieu is cooking beef steaks, each of these rules apply to wild game as well. My only caveat would be to watch the internal temperature closely and don’t rely on the pressure technique. Because of its low fat content, game steaks feel different then beef. Better to use an instant-read thermometer and pull those steaks off when they hit 130 degrees and let residual heat bring them up to the perfect medium-rare.