Leftover and backstraps – two words that really should never go together, but sometimes I’m left with a few extra steaks at the end of the night. Reheating them the next day never ends well, so instead I’ve come up with a few go-to recipes that recycle backstraps (or any venison steak) with the class they deserve.

Horseradish Pinwheels – A great appetizer or game day snack. Slice backstrap into ¾-inch wide strips. Smear with horseradish and roll into pinwheels. Serve atop melba toast or other crispy cracker.

Chicken Fried Steak Slider – If you did the right thing and cooked your backstrap no further than medium-rare you can repurpose it into mini chicken-fried steaks that fit perfectly on a slider-sized roll. You should have a chicken-fried steak recipe in your pocket, but if not, here’s a pretty good one from the Food For Hunters blog.

Steak Quesadillas – Lay a heavy layer of shredded Colby jack and queso fresco onto a flour tortilla. Sprinkled diced backstrap on top. Add jalapenos (pickled or fresh) and top with a second tortilla. For a quick snack, make these in the microwave, but cooking them under a broiler or in a hot skillet adds a satisfying crunch.

Backstrap Hash – My love of hash is well-known and there is none better than hash made with backstrap. (Okay, maybe short-rib hash comes close.)

Bleu Cheese Backstrap Biscuit – Just what it sounds like it. A hot biscuit. Backstrap sliced thin. Some crumbled bleu cheese and a pinch of arugula. Score big bonus points with a schmear of tomato jam.