New year, new challenges. If you’re interested in turning your deer or elk (or even duck) into sausages, there’s no better time to get started than the long days of winter. There are many great kits on the market, and plenty of instruction around the online—enough to educate both beginners and experienced home-processors. If you’ve got summer sausage and Italian hot links down pat, stretch your wings (and your ground meat) even further with these four new sausages.

Liverwurst: More and more hunters are saving their animal’s liver, but many are at a loss on how to prepare it, outside of frying slices of the organ with onions. Instead, why not try this classic sausage spiced with marjoram, allspice and sage.

Saucisson: This French form of hard, dry-cured salami is a great introduction into dry-curing. There are many recipes, but the simplest, and best, are seasoned with just salt, pepper and garlic. This recipe, from our charcuterie story in the magazine a few years ago, is a good one for beginners.

Blood Sausage: Of all the sausages made with blood—and nearly every cuisine boasts one—Britain’s black pudding and the boudin noir of France (and Louisiana) are probably the two best known.

Hot Dogs: Call them frankfurters if it makes you feel better about yourself, but the low-brow hot dog can teach the novice (or experienced) sausage maker many things, including the challenges of emulsifying ground meat without breaking.