I discovered this cocktail at JFK Airport a few months ago, where my sister and I posted up at the Blue Smoke bar during a layover on our way overseas. Judging from my tab, the layover was a little too long, though I will say all those Porch Swings made the overnight flight to Shannon a lot more comfortable. Since then, the crisp cocktail has supplanted the gin and tonic as my usual summertime libation. The original recipe calls for Blue Smoke’s homemade lemonade, but I’ve been substituting Simply Lemonade, and Limeade and it works just as well.

Blue Smoke’s Porch Swing

1 ½ oz. Hendricks Gin
1 ½ oz. Pimm’s Cup No. 1
4 oz. Homemade Blue Smoke Lemonade (1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1 part simple syrup to 2 parts water)

Pour into tall Collins glass. Add a splash of 7-Up. Finish with 10 paper-thin half-moon slices of cucumber.