If you’re looking to impress your guests this Christmas, consider a rack of venison. In this video, butcher Scott Rea does a great job walking you through the simple steps of taking a venison saddle and turning it into a beautiful, plated meal. The key, of course, is leaving the backstrap on the bone when butchering. In CWD hotspots, like where I live, many hunters balk at sawing through bones—especially the vertebrae. That’s the No. 1 reason I haven’t tried this technique yet.

However, it’s so cool, I’m considering trying it by carefully removing the ribs without cutting through the backbone itself. I’d be curious to hear reader’s thoughts on this, or if anyone out there makes a habit of cutting venison chops like this, rather than steaking out the backstrap. (Also, pay attention around the 6:00 minute mark when Rea demonstrates a nifty trick with some butcher twine to really get the Frenched end of those ribs clean.)