According to the Daily Mail, officials in Russia are telling their citizens to eat venison in place of American meat that’s gone missing since the U.S. and the European Union put an embargo on the country.

“As beef from the West disappears from Russian supermarkets, the Kremlin is urging people to eat Siberian reindeer instead.

Schools and hospitals in Chukota—a far-flung region close to Alaska where football tycoon Roman Abramovich was once governor—are to be supplied from local herds to replace American imports.

The move comes as a McDonald’s outlet in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, and a Burger King in Krasnoyarsk, are the latest to be targeted by the Russian authorities in what is seen as punishment for Western sanctions.

This has led to an embargo on meat from the US and EU. As Scottish and American beef vanish from the shelves, TV news reports in Russia are instead strongly promoting the delights of reindeer delicacies from producers across Siberia.

‘Reindeer meat is ecologically clean, and that is why neither French foie gras, nor Spanish jambon not any other foreign delicacies can compare with it,’ said a Russian TV report trumpeting the benefits of home-grown produce.”