Now that waterfowl season is over (and the snow geese aren’t in yet), I’ve been able to spend a few hours lying on the couch watching TV over the weekends. I have to admit I haven’t missed the bad television, but I’ve apparently not known about the newest invention in portable fire since the char cloth. Check out this commercial for The Burnie Grill, featuring, for some strange reason, an awkwardly small Viking.

The Burnie Grill is an alder log milled and filled with alder charcoal and a fire-starter in the center. Promising one match ignition and up two 2 ½ hours of burn time with the large version, it’s kind of an instant flame for the fire challenged. I will admit I am thinking about getting one or two to keep in the truck. They might be the perfect solution to making a fast fire for cooking. Beats scratching up some firewood after a long day on the road. What about you? What do you think of the Burnie?