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You know me, I’m a pretty easy-going guy. Eat what you want, I say. But sometimes I like to pick a fight, if only to watch the Field & Stream Facebook page blow up with apoplectic commenters. First I told you to not use bacon, and now I’m going to really light the fuse.

Stop frying your morels.


I get it. Fried morels are awesome. But so are fried bull balls. Which proves my point. Anything is good fried. Forest mushrooms have a pretty earthy taste, one that can stand up to frying, but there are so many better things to do with them. Why cover up the flavor of morels with seasoned flour, or for God’s sake, batter and dipping them in hot oil. Instead, let the morels stand on their own by sautéing them in a little butter and serving them on the side of a grilled elk steak. Or, combing them with another taste of spring by making up a marsala with wild turkey breast. Anything. Just stop frying them. Please.

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