beer cheese burger,
Take your wild-game burgers to the next level.. Tess Rousey

Wild Chef: How to Make the Beer-Cheese Venison… by FieldandStream

With hot beer cheese atop a pile of grilled onions, dripping off a thick whitetail patty, this may as well be the unofficial state burger of Wisconsin. It even has a pretzel bun, for gosh sakes. If you’re tempted to fancy up this recipe with gruyere and a craft beer—don’t. Stick to the working-man spirit of the burger, with sharp cheddar and a cheap lager. Also, be sure to have plenty of extra suds on hand to wash down the melty goodness.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to make this cheesy, spot-on venison burger. For the full recipe, check out Six Adventurous (and Super Delicious) Wild-Game Burger Recipes.