Big Game Hunting photo

With my elk in pieces, I’m now in freezer-freakout mode trying to find space for all of that meat. That means a lot of digging through the deep freeze and cooking anything and everything that’s been in there a bit long. That includes a package of alligator tail I found buried underneath several gallon bags of chokecherries destined for the fermenting bucket.

I’d like to do something a little different with this alligator, rather than the usual fry-up, so I looked to the Google machine for suggestions. Turns out, nearly everyone fries gator, but there were a few other recipes out there, including a good one for alligator sauce piquant from Field & Stream‘s own Jonathan Miles.

Probably the best alligator preparation I found was this whole gator filled with cornbread stuffing. The video goes a little long, with some sleep-inducing soap-opera music, but it’s worth the time to check out the first few minutes, then skip to the 17-minute mark to see the stuffed gator come off the grill.