You see some odd things in the woods these days thanks to the spying eyes of trail cameras…

My friend Shawn Hoover has been using corn piles with a trail camera set over them this year to scout multiple locations in western Oklahoma. Thanks to the images from those setups, he found a couple of dandy bucks. He rifled a big one, too–a 156-inch 10-point. He did not shoot the buck directly over the corn pile, but the bait/camera setup gave him information about where that buck lived.

So Shawn set a new bait site along a wooded creek near some agriculture, spying for a new buck in the late archery season. He got photos of a couple of decent bucks and several coyotes. Yes, coyotes will eat corn, especially when finding something to eat is hard in the winter. In fact, I’ve bow-killed two while they were crunching corn in front of my bow blinds, while waiting on a deer.

Apparently this coyote wanted to mark the corn pile and not share it. So you have to wonder what the next deer that hit this bait site was thinking when they took a bite of corn. Bet it had a little bit of a twang to it!

“The deer never stopped using the corn. I was surprised,” Shawn reported.