On November 13, my friend Joe captured this huge buck on video. The buck was on a property that does not allow deer hunting in northern Texas. The buck was filmed with a good two hours of daylight left in the day. The best part? The big buck was only 1.3 miles from one of my blinds on a property that I can hunt. And the buck was moving up the creek, closer to that property.

Given that the rut is now popping in the northern half of the region, it is very possible this buck could wander a mile or more searching for a doe. Rattling antlers and a grunt call might even pull him some distance off the sanctuary and on to fair ground. I have never seen this buck before and I do not have any trail camera pictures of him.

Joe knows deer and he estimates the buck at 180-inches plus. The deer has a distinct forked G-2 on his left side, massive beams and lots of points. Joe counted three drop tines! So if the deer shows up in the next week or two, he will be easy to recognize.