The high temperature on October 15 was 87 degrees. Not exactly ideal big-buck hunting weather, but the old 9-point had been a regular on trail camera at sunset for several afternoons. On October 14, I watched him from a mile away with a spotting scope, coming from the north to the corn feeder, confirming what the trail camera told me. So I made a plan for that Texas Panhandle deer.

I was in the natural brush blind by 5:30. At 7 PM, a small 8-point came to the free corn. At 7:15, I looked north and saw the unique rack of my target buck bobbing over the tall grass. It was 7:20 when he gave me the right angle at 22 yards. My Bear Arena 34 bow launched an arrow perfectly through is vitals. I found him just before dark, 80 yards away.

Tooth wear looks like he was at least 7 ½-years old. I’ve watched him for three years, each of those years his rack carrying the same unique shape. As I was taking pictures of the big-bodied buck, the cold front the weather man predicted rolled through, with 20-30 mph north winds, dropping temperatures, blowing dust and bouncing tumbleweeds.

Did I mention October 15 is my birthday? Shooting a great buck made turning 45 a little easier.