Rut Reporter Brandon Ray is an expert on the region. Ray was born in Dallas and shot his first deer with a bow in Central Texas at the age of 15. The full-time freelance writer manages his family’s Texas Panhandle ranch, is a licensed New Mexico guide, and last year took a 184 gross P&Y non-typical trophy. States covered: TX, OK, NM.

Ty Day is having a good season. First, he shot a big 160-class whitetail in the Texas Panhandle with his rifle. And recently, he followed it up with a big-bodied buck from northwestern Oklahoma.


Ty was hunting a stand in a creek bottom. The stand set near two well-traveled trails along the brushy river corridor. He’d only been in the stand 30 minutes when the first deer of the afternoon sauntered through the woods. All Ty could see was a big body and a flash of antler. He positioned his Hoyt bow in case it was a shooter.

The buck walked into the clear then came on a steady walk within 19 yards of the tree. Ty drew his 63 pound bow and made a perfect shot, blasting a Rage 2-blade broadhead through the deer’s chest. He piled up in sight.

The size of the buck was incredible. Ty reports it weighed 300 pounds! The deer’s teeth were well worn with an estimated age of 7 ½ to 8 ½-years-old. The heavy 8-point rack scored 138-inches.

An interesting side note. Just three days earlier, hunting from the same stand, Ty’s friend Josh shot a 150-class 8-point with 10-inch brow tines. Sounds like that stand is in a good spot.

If a stand is positioned in a well-traveled funnel, and hunted lightly so as not to change deer from their regular pattern, it’s certainly possible to shoot more than one fine buck from that ambush spot.

I’ve already asked Ty if I can hunt that stand next season. So far, he has not got back to me with a response!