While the rut is gone in the rest of the region, in the pear and thorns of the south Texas brush country, some bucks are still acting goofy. Robert Sanders, manager of the Temple Ranch had this to share on the current status of the rut.

“The rut is winding down here in South Texas. I have seen a few bucks chasing hard the past two weeks on some parts of the ranch. This isn’t the rule for the entire ranch. Mostly the bucks are after fawns coming in to heat and does that did not get bred. Bucks are still coming to rattling antlers relatively well. For the most part, bucks are run down, skinny, broken antlers, etc. Lots of big bucks coming to supplemental feed trying to get a quick meal and then lay back down. Hoping for rains soon to start growing spring weeds, which will really help tired bucks rebound the next couple of months. Antlers will start dropping the first and second week of March.”

The biggest buck killed on the ranch this season was the monster pictured here. It was shot by James Saxton and scored 213.