On the afternoon of December 22, I sat in a ground blind that has become my second home this month. Since getting trail camera pictures of a big non-typical on December 3, I’ve now sat that blind 11 times (I hunted that spot six times in October and November before ever getting evidence of the big non-typical). Still no pictures of the giant or sightings. But I am seeing lots of other bucks.

On this afternoon, I saw six different bucks. The biggest was an 8-point I’ve seen several times. I’m guessing him at 4 ½-years-old. One brow tine is broken and his G-3 on one side is broken a little. If intact he would be about 125 to 130-inch buck. In the video you’ll see a small six point staring at me, he was less than ten yards away, and the larger eight point in the background.

With a snow storm predicted for this weekend, I’m hoping the change in weather will bring the gnarly non-typical out of his hiding place. Time will tell.