Sometimes, a plan starts to come together. And it’s gratifying when it does.

Since early September, a big 12-point mule deer has been on one of my trail cameras. Every one of those pictures has been in the dark, until now. Last week, I set a new bait site, corn and alfalfa hay, at a fence crossing 700 yards farther west from where I had been getting the big buck’s nighttime-only pictures. Judging from past experience with mule deer in that area, I suspected this buck was coming from a steep canyon full of brush near that fence crossing. Maybe if I put a blind there my odds would increase on seeing him in daylight.

The very first day I set the feed and trail camera up, the buck and several other deer crossed the fence, but in the dark. The good news was it was just a few minutes after legal light. The following day, the big 12-point was on the trail camera in daylight moving back through that crossing in the morning.

So now a ground blind is set under a gnarly old mesquite tree that sits along the barbed wire fence. The shot will be close, under 20 yards. And I’m waiting for the right wind direction to sit in the blind. Hopefully my next report on this buck will be the story of how the plan finally came together and I killed the vampire.