Greetings from mildly sunny and relatively warm Orlando, Florida. Am I down here after sailfish or perhaps snook you ask? Why no. I’m on duty at the SHOT Show and am surrounded by more heavy artillery and knives than you could imagine. Nope, not a fishing rod in sight. But I can find practical fishing use in almost anything. Take, for example, this Lenco Armored Bear I played around in this morning.

The folks at the show see a vehicle that can drive through a brick wall, carry a small squadron of SWAT team officers and be of generl use in heavy combat. I see the most killer beach buggy ever.


Where the Bear can hold 13 to 15 team members in the back, I could easily convert that space to hold more surf rods and tackle than most tackle shops carry. The roof-top gun turret would be ideal for popping up with bincoulars and scanning for a bird blitz without actually leaving the vehicle. Needless to say I want one…custom at that, complete with striper stripes paint job.

I haven’t talked prices yet, but I’m a good wheeler-dealer. I’ll let you know if I cancel my plane ticket and end up driving home in one of these.