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I’m very proud to tell you that The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing, a project I wrote with the late Charlie Meyers, the former outdoors editor of The Denver Post, is now available. The book is a collection of Charlie’s and my favorite fly fishing tips, things we learned and experienced when we were out on the rivers chasing stories, him for The Denver Post, and me for Field & Stream.

It is, as the name says, a little book. In a way, that seems ironic now, because thousands and thousands of river miles (and many years, and many people) were ultimately wrapped into this project. As I read through it, every short chapter plants me right back in a certain spot in a great river, with a mentor, and a memorable experience in fly fishing.

Charlie once told me, however, that good writing was all about making a point, concisely, quickly, and with effect. Our goal with this book was to cut through the fly fishing learning curve for both novices and aficionados.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if we accomplished this objective or not (but I’m feeling pretty good, based on comments from Marshall Cutchin at and Monte Burke at

You’ve already seen some of the tips from this book in video form on Fly Talk. You’ll see more. And you’ll see a smattering of the best tips printed in the July issue of Field & Stream.

I must say thank you to Jay Cassell, and Anthony Licata, and Nate Matthews, and everyone else at Field & Stream.

Thanks also to my FlyTalk cohort, Tim Romano. He gave me all the photos in this book as a favor. And they’re amazing, as you might expect. (I’m going to write copy for his future book as payback).

Lastly, thanks to Charlie Meyers, who once told me: “You can think about it, you can wish about it, but in fly fishing, it ultimately comes down to the miles you roll, and the things you actually see and experience.”

Charlie and I rolled those miles. And we saw it and did it. I hope, in some way, our book might make you better anglers. Mostly, I hope the book inspires you to roll some miles of your own.