In the thick of hunting season, my inbox can fairly fill up with deer pics some days. In fact, I’m still sorting through some of them from the ’08 season. Many of these photos are legit, some come from unknown origins, and a few are potentially fake to the core. I try to “source” most of the pics I get, but in some cases this is nearly impossible.

So it was nice when our online editor forwarded me some pics from a faithful reader of this space. Greg Bloomdahl (himself of unknown origin) shot this beautiful 8-point buck in northcentral Kansas last fall. The tall-tined beauty scored over 150″ P&Y, and fell after Greg made a 28-yard shot with his bow. This is as nice an 8-point whitetail as they come, and my heartfelt congrats go to Mr. Bloomdahl!

I also welcome your photos, especially when they’re accompanied by at least some details of the hunt. I’m always interested in where you’re from, where and how you hunt, what bows/guns you use, and any reasons that make the hunt or the pic you’re sending special. The deer do not have to be monsters, just memorable. So feel free to send ’em on in!