I don’t even want to die once. But with two young kids, if I bit it falling out of my treestand, my wife would kill me. That is why I put a prussic-loop safety line on every one of my mid- to long-term sets.

Because I’m willing to make the assumption that I don’t want you do die either, here is an explanation of how to make your own line. I know, the old prussic-loop thing has been well-covered. And yet, I’m always surprised at how few treestand hunters use it. So it bears repeating. If you make several lines in advance and you keep an eye out for bulk rope on sale, this becomes a simple, fairly inexpensive way to vastly improve treestand safety.

A few quick notes about the video: [1] the line in the beginning of the vid is for demonstration only (it would not normally pull down with a couple of light tugs); [2] I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes; and [3] while I’m one hundred percent confident in my own knots, I can’t vouch for yours; if you make your own safety line, I repeat: Do it at your own risk–which is almost certainly less risky than climbing into your stands without one.