Maybe you think you can’t make Draper’s pastrami recipe because you don’t have a commercial smoker? Bah! All you need is self-reliance and homespun ingenuity. Here are simple step-by-step instructions, adapted from the original source, which I happened to be reading last night before putting my 5-year-old daughter to bed:

1. Cut a section of a hollow log.
2. Make a small door, with leather hinges, at the bottom of the trunk.
3. Drive long nails into the bark side so the pointed ends are exposed within the hollow.
4. Poke holes and run strings through cuts of salted venison.
5. Hang the venison on the nails.
6. Fasten a makeshift roof to the top of the hollow log.
7. Open the door, build a small fire, add green hickory chips, close the door, and you are smoking.


This famous Midwestern pioneer is the original builder? Can you name him?