Good and Cheap: Wasp Hammer SST Broadheads

From time to time, Dave Hurteau and I shine a light on gear that works for us; specifically, great stuff that doesn't cost a bundle. When my colleague said it was my turn to post a nominee, I barely had to think.

I've been shooting Wasp Hammer broadheads for close to a decade. I had just switched from traditional gear to shooting a compound and I asked a trusted pro-shop guy for his broadhead recommendation. He didn't think much either and tossed me a six-pack of Hammers, which I bought for $32. The price hasn't changed since and, in fact, I can find them even cheaper if I look around a little. If you've bought a hunting head lately, you know that the average 3-pack costs 40 bucks or more.

Of course, if the heads didn't perform well, the price wouldn't matter. But the Hammers have been absolutely fantastic for me. I rarely have to retune my setup when switching from field points, and these broadheads simply fly true. Better yet, they're very tough and the ultra-sharp blades have proven lethal on deer, elk and antelope. Indeed, two of the three heads in the above photo have taken game for me in the last few seasons. After a kill I either hone the blades with a file or replace them (extra blades are also reasonable at $10 for 18).

There are plenty of good broadheads on the market, and I suppose I should experiment with other models. But it's tough to leave a strong, sharp head that flies like a missile...and doesn't break the bank.