by Dave Hurteau

Are you old-school?

Here’s why I ask: In the February 2011 cover story “Deer Crazy,” I wrote that today’s deer hunter–with his increasing reliance on food plots, scouting cameras, rangefinding reticles, and on and on–may be in danger of losing certain old-school skills. So I posted a link to an online compilation of 25 such skills and tactics, taken primarily from the F&S archives.

Still, I’m betting you have a few old-timey tricks up your own sleeves, and we want to hear them. So, take a look at the linked article above to get a feel for what I’m after, and then share your own old-school tip, tactic, or skill in the comment section below. If I choose yours as the best, you’ll win this classic Brunton 15TDCL Compass.