by Dave Hurteau


So this is it–the final game, for all the marbles. And although I’m mildly shocked that the 7600 did not give the 336 a better run (maybe it’s a Northeastern thing), I don’t think any of us can be very surprised that it has come down to the all-time king of deer rifles vs. the people’s favorite 336.

So do you like lean mystique–or broad-shouldered practicality? Do you want a saddle horse with slender ankles ready to leap into action? Or a workhorse that gets her done (and can still be bought new at a fair price)? It’s a tough call, but I know you’ll make the right decision because (like many of you, judging by the comments) I’ll have the champ in my gun cabinet either way.

So have it. As usual, check out the bracket ([you can click here to print out a larger copy if you want to fill it out](/files/editor_files/Bracket Championship.pdf)). Then vote for your preferred brush rifle in each matchup below. And in a few days, I’ll announce our Whitetail Brush Rifle Champ.