Here’s the third buck in our scoring contest. Remember, you’re playing for a Bear Motive 6, the company’s flagship bow for the 2013 season.

If you’ve just returned from a tropical vacation or ski safari and you stayed in a resort without WiFi, here’s what’s been going on in this space. I’ve now posted photos of three bucks (click here if you’ve missed the first two), and I’ll put up a fourth–and final–photo next week. Your job is to guess the gross B&C score of each buck and keep track of your scores. Fractionals will count. When I post the pic of the fourth buck, I’ll ask you to submit your grand total. Whoever is the closest wins the bow. And if there’s a tie (don’t laugh, this has happened) I’ll post a tiebreaker buck the next week.

Just a friendly reminder: We do our best to only use pictures of bucks that have not been widely circulated, or the scores reported. If, for some reason, you know the gross B&C score of one of the bucks, please keep this fun for the other players by keeping that number to yourself.

So here’s Buck Three. What’s he score?