What’s this? You haven’t arrowed your buck yet. Must be the bow. But hey, it’s not too late to switch out–especially when all you need to do to get yourself a brand spanking new Prime Alloy bow, G5’s 2014 flagship model, a prize worth over $900, is score a few bucks.*

Most of you know how this works. For anyone who doesn’t: I will post a picture of a hunter-killed whitetail buck once a week here for four weeks. You guess the gross antler score of each buck (fractionals count) and keep track of your totals. When I post the photo of Buck Number Four, I’ll ask you to add up your grand total and submit it. If your guess is closest to the actual total score of the four bucks, you win the bow.

Here’s Buck Number One. What’s his gross score?

*You must be at least 14 years old to play; if you are not yet 18, we will need to ship the bow to your parent or guardian.