Somebody’s Christmas just got way, way better. So what if the wife got you gloves again or if Aunt Mae knitted you another camo hat? If you’re today’s buck-scoring contest winner, F&S and Bowtech are going to squeeze down your chimney with a brand new Prodigy or Boss, your choice, each worth more than a grand.

So, let’s run down the actual scores:

Buck #1: 171 6/8
Buck #2: 165 (I know, it looks bigger, but we triple-checked it; plus, notice the hunter seated well behind the buck. Very tricky.)
Buck #3: 183 5/8
Buck #4: 160 2/8


That gives us a grand total of 680 5/8, which means that Raymo40, who guessed 680 6/8 and who must have been very, very good this year, will be getting his choice of a new Bowtech Prodigy or Boss more or less in time for the holidays. Way to go, Raymo. Merry freaking Christmas! We will be contacting you soon about shipping your new bow.