If you’ve been following along, you know that our latest buck-scoring contest came down to two finalists, Billy Drappo and VaHunter55, both of whom guessed just 1/8th of an inch off the total gross B&C score of our original four bucks. On Wednesday, I posted this tiebreaker buck.


Yesterday evening, our finalists submitted their best guesses. And this morning, we have a winner.

The tiebreaker buck’s actual gross score is 162-1/8—which means VaHunter55, who guessed 172 1/8 (compared to Drappo’s 174 3/8) will be hunting the end of the rut—and the post-rut and the second rut—with a brand new Elite Synergy compound bow, a prize worth about a cool grand.

Congratulations, Va. We will be contacting you soon about shipment. Better luck next time, Billy. You’ll get another chance very soon.