This is one of three new bows Barnett has made and priced for youth and beginners. What’s cool about this particular model is that despite it’s light 100-pound draw weight, which makes the bow fairly easier for youngsters to cock, it fires a 400-grain bolt at 256 fps, which is more than enough for big-game hunting at modest ranges. It’s fairly compact and light at 34.25 inches long, 13.25 axle-to-axle (cocked), and 6.2 pounds. It comes with a Red Dot sight, quiver, three bolts, and cocking device for $299, though you’ll probably see it closer to $250 in stores.

Hits: It has the same safety features and trigger system has the company’s high-end bows, including a finger guard and anti dry fire. The stock is adjustable, so the bow can grow with the shooter, and it accepts an aftermarket crank-cocking device.

Misses: Of course the fit and finish isn’t what it is on higher-end models. But that’s not really the point here. This bow, and the other Recruit models below, makes it easy to get kids and other beginners into archery without a big investment.

What Else You Should Know: Barnett also offers a Recruit 60 and Recruit 30, with 60- and 30-pound draw weights, respectively. These are for younger recruits and are better suited for the backyard. (Of course, deer do occasionally step into the backyard.)