As I have often said, what I really like about Bear Archery is the value they offer in their mid-priced and low-priced bows. Today’s flagships are routinely topping a cool grand, which is a pile of cash to drop on a bow almost no matter who you are. But Bear has two new models this year that deliver near-flagship performance for several hundred bucks less. If you’re a smooth-bow guy, you’ll want to look at the Tremor. This single cam has a 33-inch axle-to-axle length, 6-3/4-inch brace height, and shoots 322 IBO. If you’re more of a short-bow, speed guy, the hybrid-cam Traxx has a 31-5/8 axle-to-axle length, same brace height, and goes almost 340 IBO.

Hits: Except for a different riser and cable guard, the Tremor is pretty much last year’s flagship single cam—the Vendetta—for significantly less dough. Ditto the Traxx, except it is basically the Agenda. Great value either way. Both have an MSRP of around $650, which means you’ll probably be able to find them for under $600.

Misses: The Traxx has a fairly demanding draw cycle, buy hey, what do you want for 338 IBO at this price. The fit-and-finish is not top-end, but the deer won’t care.

What Else You Should Know: For another hundred bucks or so, both are available with the Ready to Hunt package, which includes a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest, Ridge 5-pin sight, stabilizer, sling, quiver, and a D-loop.