If you like to shoot an AR, you’re going to like the new Intercept Supercoil ($799; It comes with an adjustable bull-pup stock with pistol grip and adjustable triangle foregrip. Over 21 inches of Picatinny rails that accept most AR parts let you customize the stock, grip, forearm, quiver, and sights. In short, about anything you can put on an AR, you can put on this crossbow. The specs are: 13-1/2-inch powerstroke, 175-pound draw weight, and 360 fps with a 400-grain bolt.

Hits: The trigger is a vast improvement compared those on previous models. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the better triggers I pulled at the show. The bow is fairly compact. Excellent fit and finish.

Misses: I don’t love Carbon Express’s foot stirrup. It’s too small and doesn’t give a really good purchase for cocking.

What Else You Should Know: For another couple hundred bucks, the Intercept Axon comes with an upgraded stock and foregrip, plus a full rail on top, with which you can add night optics for pigs or other goodies.