Every year there are a few surprises at ATA, and this is one of them. New Breed is a very young bow company, and nobody expects the new kid to jump into the game and hang with the big boys. But the company’s 2015 flagship, the Blade, is a player. A lot of guys we’ve bumped into at the show have said, “Have you shot the New Breed? You need to.” The specs are: 34-inch axle-to-axle, 6-1/2-inch brace height, 4 pounds, and 335 IBO. But as I say in the video, it’s a very smooth 335.

Hits: Exceptionally smooth draw cycle; it loads up early and eases into the let-off. It also seemed to be dead in the hand and quiet (though the later is hard to judge in this environment).

Misses: The valley is not particularly wide, but I’m not sure you can call it a miss; because the bow eases down so gradually, it doesn’t yank you forward at all if you creep. So it’s very manageable at full draw. In a hunting situation, that gentle let-down is actually a plus if you have to draw more than once on a buck.

What Else You Should Know: All New Breed bows are 100 percent handmade in the U.S.