And here we have yet another 34ish-inch bow (34-1/4) that shoots right around 340 IBO (342, to be exact). These specs are popping up like fruit flies at this year’s show. But this bow is something of a special case because unlike most of the other’s we’ve covered, this is not a flagship model. This is PSE’s Bow Madness 34, which is part of the company’s Mainline series (as opposed to their Pro series) and retails for just $699 (not $799 as I say in the video). The Bow Madness line has always been comprised of mid-priced single-cams. They are still mid-priced, but for 2015, PSE has put a brand new hybrid-cam system on both this and the 32-inch models, both of which have a 6-inch brace height (The 30-inch Bow Madness is still a single cam.) So, you get a little extra performance for the price.

Hits: I’ll say it again: I really like these specs. You get a whole lot of speed and yet the long axle length helps smooth out the draw cycle, making it more manageable than it would be otherwise. The extra length, which almost always means a little extra weight, too, makes for a more stable shooting platform as well. This hunting bow can cross over to the 3D range, no problem. And it’s a solid value.

Misses: The fit and finish isn’t great, but I doubt the deer (or the deer targets) will care.

What Else You Should Know: The Bow Madness 32 has a 32-3/8-inch axle-to-axle length, shoots 340 IBO, and cost $100 less, listing at $599. If you like a shorter bow for hunting and you don’t mind putting a little more effort into the draw cycle, this is a great bargain, too.